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Window of the Sky Points / Tian You Qi Xue

The Window of Sky (aka Window of Heaven) points were mentioned in the Ling Shu, chap 21 pertaining to Jue Bi. I haven't found a good interpretation that I'm able to reprint here, but here are some of the main ideas.

A few things are clear. Many of these points are located where the neck and body meet. It is thought that when used together they are meant to balance the body when the Qi & Blood (or Yin & Yang) of the head and body miscommunicate. Sympotmatology includes things such as mental/emotional issues (most things related to the sky or heaven deal with the mind), goiter or glandular swelling of neck, sudden loss of voice, sudden epilepsy or seizures, quick onset Lung issues, etc.

There is definitely a connection between these points with the Divergent / Luo channels. Additionally, they are named so because of their proximity to SJ-16 (Tian You - Celestial Window). 7 out of 10 pts have the term 'tian' as part of their pinyin name (which is interprited as Heaven or Sky).

Point Name
LU 3 Tian Fu
ST 9 Ren Ying
LI 18 Fu Tu
TW 16 Tian You
BL 10 Tian Zhu
CV 22 Tian Tu Ren
SI 16 Tian Chuang Si
SI 17 Tian Rong Si
GV 16 Feng Fu
PC 1 Tian Chi

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