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Ghost Points of Sun Si-Miao

Ghost Point Pinyin Name English Name Needling Method
GV 26 Gui Gong Ghost Palace Needle 0.3 - 0.5 cun
LU 11 Gui Xin Ghost Convincing Needle 0.3 cun
SP 1 Gui Lei Ghost Fortress Needle 0.2 cun
PC 7 Gui Xin Ghost Heart Needle 0.5 cun
BL 62 Gui Lu Ghost Road Fire needle 3-7 times
GV 16 Gui Zhen Ghost Pillow Needle 1 cun
ST 6 Gui Chuang Ghost Bed Fire needle
CV 24 Gui Shi Ghost Market Needle 0.2 - 0.3 cun
PC 8 Gui Ku Ghost Cave Needle 0.3 - 0.5 cun
GV 23 Gui Tang Ghost Hall Needle 0.3 - 0.5 cun
CV 11 Gui Cang Ghost Hidden Moxa only
LI 11 Gui Chen Ghost Official Fire Needle 3-7 times
Hai Quan2 Gui Feng Ghost Seal Needle or Prick
1My source noted that for females one should use the point Yu Men located in the anterior fold of the vagina, also only use moxa.
2Hai Quan is located under the tongue at the center of the lingual frenulum.

Additional Ghost Points

Ghost Point Pinyin Name English Name
PC 5 Gui Lu Ghost Road
GV 22 Gui Men Ghost Gate
LI 5 Zhong Kui Possessed by Ghosts
LI 10 Gui Xie Ghost Evil
LU 5 Gui Shou Ghost Suffering
LU 9 Gui Xin Ghost Heart
ST 36 Gui Xie Ghost Evil
The above points were found in various sources but it seems that the ones with most application are LI 10 and ST 36.

Most of the information was taken from: Dale, Ralph. "Sun Si-Miao's Ode to 13 Ghost Acupoints for the Treatment of Mental Disorders". American Journal of Acupuncture. Vol 20, No 3, 1992, p267-268.

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