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There are 7 practitioners of acupuncture in Lousiana. They're slightly less lonely.

Ms. M. Glasper
Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
830 union Street, Suite 100
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112-1449
(504) 524-6763

Educational Requirements for Md.'s & D.O.'s: six months of training in traditional Chinese acupuncture in a school or clinic approved by the board.

Educational Requirements for Acupuncture Assistant: 36 months training in a school or clinic of traditional Chinese acupuncture approved by the board.

Examination Requirements: Non specified. The so-called acupuncture assistant must be employed by and work under the physical direction, control and supervision of a physician or acupuncturists (medical doctor with six months of traditional Chinese acupuncture training) certified by the board to practice acupuncture.