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Contact:Dee Ann Randall
Bureau of Occupational Licensing
1109 Main Street, Suite 220
Boise, ID 83702-5642
Phone: (208) 334-3233
Email: drandall@ibol.state.id.us
Website: The Idaho State Board of Acupuncture
(Downloadable application forms in pdf file format)

Licensure: Traditionally trained acupuncturists who meet the requirements of NCCAOM and pass the exam.

Certification: Health professionals including M.D.'s, D.C.'s, D.O.'s, N.D.'s, D.D.S.'s, and Nurse Practitioners who have met the requirements for the A.A.M.A. or the I.A.C.A.

Technician: Professionals or non-professionals who meet the requirements for Technician Certification through the I.A.C.A., or similar training as approved by the Board.