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There are 4387 actively licensed acupuncturists in California.

Ms. Sherry B. Mehl
Department of Consumer Affairs
Medical Board, Acupuncture Committee
1424 Howe Ave. Suite 37
Sacramento, CA 95825-3233
(916) 263-2680
Website: California Acupuncture Board
(Forms available as pdf files for download. Good luck wading through all the legislation.)

Eligibility Requirements: An applicant must graduate from an approved school and complete four academic years of education with a minimum of 1548 hours of school work. This includes Western sciences, clinical medicine, TCM theory, diagnosis, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, needling techniques, moxibustion, and acupressure, herbology, practice management and ethics. Additionally the applicant must also complete 800 hours of clinical training. (Total hours = 2348 hours)

Examination Requirements: California administers its own exam which includes herbology.

Acupuncture is within the scope of practice of medical doctors, though no training is required. Physician's Assistants can perform acupuncture under a supervising physician.