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TCM Links

I have been trying to compile a really big list of links. Unfortunately I set my expectations too high and have put this page off for too long. I am putting here all the great sites I have seen and currently use. If you can't find it here, I have created a section called Link Sites which contain other sites with good links listings. Feel free to submit to me what I don't have.

Student Resources & Study Tools

  • Acuxo - This site is amazing. First off, online meridian charts. Second, a web based software program that allows you to get a point combination by entering clicking on relevant symptoms. This is university research at its best!
  • GanCao - The is the new site of Al Stone who used to own acupuncture.com before it was bought from him. It contains some of the best parts of acupuncture.com; the forums, the practitioner database, and the links.
  • Medline's Medical Dictionary - Exactly what it says.
  • Rx List - The internet drug index. A part of WebMD with good info on drugs and their actions.
  • TCM Health-Info - Great site, similar to my own but with a ton of info on theory, especially herbs. If you are looking for herb info on-line go here.

Link Sites

  • Acupuncture Links of Vilberto's Home Page - This guy has been linking for a long time and has found a ton of stuff. If it isn't on this list then between here and the other link sites you will find it.
  • Phil Rogers' Online Links - Another great links layout, with a ton of info embedded in there. If you look around there are a ton of resources but you gotta dig.